Memory Repository Type

In memory storage of test results.

class stestr.repository.memory.Repository[source]

In memory storage of test results.


Return the number of test runs this repository has stored.

Return count:The count of test runs stored in the repository.

Get a TestRun that contains all of and only current failing tests.

Returns:a TestRun.

Get a list of test ids in the repository

Returns:a list of test ids

Retrieve a TestRun object for run_id.

Parameters:run_id – The test run id to retrieve.
Returns:A TestRun object.

Return the run id for the most recently inserted test run.


Remove a run from the repository

class stestr.repository.memory.RepositoryFactory[source]

A factory that can initialise and open memory repositories.

This is used for testing where a repository may be created and later opened, but tests should not see each others repositories.


Create a repository at URL.

Call on the class of the repository you wish to create.


Open the repository at url.

Raise RepositoryNotFound if there is no repository at the given url.